fashion Product + Service Development

From concept, through to sampling and testing, modifications, production, launch and income generation.  I share my experience and expertise so that you can avoid the pitfalls.


Brand Development + Marketing Communications

More than a logo. Your brand is all about communicating and delivering authenticity. My experience of building authentic resonating brands has given me the knowledge to guide you in your endeavours to create a truly authentic and dynamic brand.


Sales Income Generation

Taking your start up business from £0 to the magic number of £100k or event £1m+ is a great achievement but no easy endeavour.  Allow me to assist you to focus your sales efforts drawing from my experience of creating start up brands with sales incomes of a combined £5.6m+.

Creativity is the dynamic that brings forth all that we truly value

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A Seriel Entrepeneur + Your X-Factor Partner

my story

I love analogies and justapositions.

I'm a visionary at heart. I have fond childhood memories of running wild in the garden, staring up at the stars imagining flying to other planets, cutting up fabrics to make ballet slippers and starting an extra curricular catch-up class for my school friends.

I'm a creative entrepreneur with a gift for spotting future trends and drafting blueprints that get results.

I'm an energetic and proactive marketer with over 25 years experience gained in the UK, USA and Haiti.

I'm also a crafter, bass player and I love singing.


my Philosophy of life

Life is better when we collaborae and sharing.  I thrive in an environment of openness, generosity and reciprocity.

I explore with an open head and an open heart with the intention of receiving surprising insights and inspiration along the journey.

I give time to allow ideas to perculate and take root.


Affordable Solutions

I think that the best business relationships are like long-term love affairs so I seek to work with people for the long term as a trusted partner.  I truly desire to see people and their visions take flight and succedd and so I offer affordable weekly or monthly retainers and packages that are transparent and offer supreme value.





25 years delivering 

+Fashion Conceptualisation

+Product Development

+Retail Experiences




Creativity is the X factor that you need to develop, delight your customers and grow your businss

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